Corsica Studios

AboutEntry Policy

Although restrictions on indoor events have been lifted we still feel that we need to proceed with some caution and are proposing the following measures to ensure that we are running Corsica as safely as we can. We really need everyone to take the following precautions to try and protect each other as best we can right now. 


• Please DO NOT attend the event if you feel unwell or have any COVID related symptoms (these are listed on the NHS website). Don’t risk exposing others to any infection you may have, however minor this may seem. If you can’t attend because of illness please let us know in advance and we’ll offer you a refund or a ticket to another event. 

• Before entering Corsica you’ll be asked to provide our door-staff with proof of a double vaccination or negative lateral flow or PCR test via a text message or email from the NHS so you MUST test yourself IN ADVANCE of attending any event and log the result online. We will not be testing on-site so if you can’t demonstrate that you have tested negative in the previous 48 hours you WILL be refused entry – NO EXCEPTIONS.  You can get free Lateral Flow Tests from most chemists or order them from here – and it takes less than 30 minutes to test and report the result so please let’s all do this. It is your responsibility to get this sorted BEFORE attending and if you are refused entry as a result of failing to provide evidence of a negative test result on the door then you may not be entitled to a refund.

• All of our staff will be wearing masks during events so please consider bringing a mask and wearing it. No one will force you to wear a mask but you can be kind and thoughtful and choose to wear one when possible. If you are vulnerable, we strongly recommend that you wear a mask if you are able to and try and avoid close contact with those who have chosen not to.


• We’ve upgraded the ventilation systems in each room and will be running these continually throughout events to ensure that maximum air changes are achieved and aerosol transmission and droplet risk are reduced. Safety screens will remain in place at the bar and FOH positions. 

• During events, high touch areas such as door handles, bannisters, toilets and the bar will be cleaned regularly. We will also be deep cleaning the building after each event and we will be using contact cleaning solutions that reduce the risk of contact infections. There will be additional sanitising units around the building and we ask you to please play your part in keeping the building clean from contact risk by regularly washing your hands and using the sanitiser.

The government has essentially left each and every venue to form their own policies so whilst we understand that not everyone may agree with these measures, we hope that you appreciate our position. We are coming from a place of care, concern and respect for the health and safety of our staff and you, our audience, and we urge you to act responsibly. Please understand that if you bring COVID into a venue such as Corsica, the impact will be immense.