Corsica Studios

AboutLost Property

It is always best to use our Cloakroom Service to keep safe your valuable coats and jackets etc, as we can’t be held responsible for items that have been left around the venue and unfortunately thieves do like to find stuff and take it.  If you have hidden an item behind a speaker, or accidentally stashed your hoodie on the dancefloor while making moves, please contact us, selecting the Lost Property option from the drop-down menu on our CONTACT form.

Please state your name, describe the item you lost (with as much detail as possible) and the event/date you lost it.

If you forgot to collect your coat and went dancing out into the cold night without realising, please use the same lost property option on the contact form ASAP, but also include your cloakroom ticket number, to help us locate it.

All left items, including those in the cloakroom, will only be kept for a month. We simply don’t have the space to store these things for longer. After this period they will be donated to charity. Our current chosen charity can be checked here…  So rest assured that while your item may be gone, at least it will help others!

It’s usually best to use our contact form, as our phones are not always manned during the daytime, or weekends.