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Catching up with On the 5th Day’s Lucien Biscop

We caught up with Lucien Biscop ahead of On the 5th Day with ASC, Svreca, Hydrangea & more.










Lucien has a passion for melancholic and dark atmospheres. His sets strike a balance between engaging rhythms and entrancing soundscapes. He was nice enough to share a few words about his residency and techno aesthetic.

What kinds of music did you listen to growing up in France, and what was your introduction to dance music?

I was listening to all sort of things really, anything that caught my attention on the radio firstly, but then also a lot of classical music as I was playing violin for some years. I have always been drawn to melancholic music, and dance music has plenty to offer in that regard.

How did you become associated with the On the 5th Day crew?

When I first started thinking seriously about DJing I decided to take lessons with Mantas [1/2 of On the 5th Day founders / residents Abstract Man], so I have been following the label from the beginning. And I guess my sound was meeting On the 5th Day’s sound so I was lucky and they gave me a chance :)

On the 5th day has a very specific aesthetic when it comes to techno, and as a resident you fit in to this. What kinds of artists have influenced your sound?

There are a lot of artists who influenced me and it’s difficult to limit myself to a small number of names. If I had to name a few, I would say that artists on labels like Northern Electronics, Semantica, Avian, Stroboscopic Artefacts are possibly the ones who influenced me the most. But to contradict myself, here is a track from none of these labels that I have liked since a long time, released on what is probably my favourite French label.

Terrence Fixmer – Elka (Original Mix)

What are some of your favourite memories from On the 5th Day parties since you’ve been a resident?

There are so many good memories, mostly linked to the music I have heard or the music that I have played and how people reacted to it.

These few of tracks might give you an idea of how it felt at the time.

The last three tracks I’ve chosen I will never get tired of. I find them very powerful in an emotional way and that’s probably why I associate them with some of my favorite moments playing at On the 5th Day.

Architectural – Elastic Matter

I’ve played this Architectural track quite a few times already at Corsica, perhaps to the extent that I’ve rinsed it a bit. I just really like its texture.

Peter Van Hoesen – Axis Mundi

Antonio Ruscito – Form 3

Fixon – Blosdia (The Welderz Remix)

Why do you think Corsica Studios works so well as a venue for On the 5th Day?

will give my opinionated answer, it has the best sound system in London period. Corsica is a bit like my second home now and it’s difficult to not be subjective, but the sound the staff and the crowd that this place attracts as a result, make it the place where I want to go out listen to music (or play) in London.

This set your playing B2B with Matt Hayes, is this the first time you’ve played together at the club?

We already played B2B before, I believe the very first time may have been at an after. We have similar taste in music but sometimes that’s not sufficient for it to flow, with Matt every time we played felt very natural.

What can we expect to hear from your set?

We will see how we feel but it is most likely going to be a bit more driving than in room 1. And no link this time, you can come hear it for yourself :)

You can catch Lucien Biscop playing B2B with Matt Hayes, alongside ASC, Svreca, Hydrangea Tapefeed & Pleiades this Saturday at On the 5th Day.