Corsica Studios


Cold Blooded Tracks for Reptilian Dance Floors w/ Reptant

Lizard King, techno dungeon master, sewer studio rat – Reptant takes many clandestine forms. The scale encrusted alias of Lou Karsh comes sidewinding in to Corsica Studios this weekend, bringing an acid injected live set to Find Me In The Dark that is sure to ignite a bit of venom in the dance. Reptant has brought conceptual hardware jams to labels such as Tomahawk Records, Planet Euphorique and Melbourne’s Salt Mines. Here he goes through his top cold blooded tracks for reptilian dance floors, presenting “in no particular order” a 10 track plotted course through ruff electronics, contorted acid and stone cold ambient dreamscapes.

Klon Dump – Specialist (A Colourful Storm)
“Super clean cut experimental tones with crisp psychedelic highs over some more straight forward minimal tech-house groove with a loopy bass line. Mixes so great with so many tracks. It’s almost like a DJ tool without being a tool at all.”

J-Shadow – Hypnagogia (Car Crash Set)

“Super intelligent style bass production on this, a track from a producer that definitely has not caught the attention that’s owed. This ones an absolute pleasure to listen to in any situation.”

Roza Terenzi – Bricks (Dekmantel)

“Absolutely love this, different to the usual Roza Terenzi tempo, this one’s a blissed out groove for taking a load off. Here she also shows off a new level of production while maintaining her signature sounds/style. So nice.”

DJ Glow AKA The Populist – Psychometric Profiling (Trust)

“One of the coolest sinister acid electro tracks i’ve come across with an insanely high level of production. It’s almost perfect in it’s style.”

Rudolf C – Shmartie Pantz (X-Kalay)

“One of my fave tune’s this year. Also valued similarly to the Klon dump track, though this one has a different flavour to it. The slicked out sub groove matched with the wobbly mid’s that seem to shift in and out of time in a really trippy way makes this a total gem of it’s own kind, hearing this on a proper system is the first time you really hear this track”

Rings Around Saturn – Event Strike (Brokn Toys)

“This one takes you deeper into a trippy almost EBM like bass with a thumping 4/4 kick, really needs to be played in full especially when the pads come in at the end of the breakdown, euphoria done in the way only Rings Around Saturn does it!”

Placid Angels – First Blue Sky (Magic Wire)

“Simply one of those super beautiful/emotion evoking tracks that you could use to close a massive rave with just as well as you could end an emotional movie soundtrack with. Tear jerker flying on top of a speedy drum and bass groove.”

Ambien Baby – Cosa (Fati Records)

“Although they haven’t been around for that long in the grand scheme of things, all i can say is this is some classic Ambien Baby. The subtle grooves which at moments seem very selectively minimal at times topped with super blissed out samples/synths and some G moment’s make it sound like some great 90’s hip hop arranged into a dance format, So sick.”

Vector Trancer – Wormhole Chant (Mirror Zone)

“Incredible track this, slower rain forrest tribal trance. Sounds straight out of the early 90’s, reminiscent of some early Goa records. So nice to hear this style done well with where trance has ended up.”

Nikita Zabelin – Four Gents (Quartett)

“This track is just so cool, the constant shifting tones/pitches of the bell like sounds matched with the rolling ret highly rhythmical groove makes for a super twisted and tripped out club track.”

Catch Reptant and more at Find Me In The Dark with Mike Servito, Lokier, Lou Karsh, Russell E.L. Butler & Roni