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Desert Sound Colony: Now That’s What I Call A Mash Up (sherekahnn Edition)

‘Tis the season for end of year lists and boy is this one a doozy. December 20th will see Desert Sound Colony join Ivan Smagge, ELLES and Seven Hills Records for an all night affair with Fade To Zaire at their final party of 2019.

Desert Sound Colony will be topping off a vintage year. Sure, there’s been a few releases and a party here and there. But also, this – a 5 strong playlist of festive (and not so festive) firepower compiled from the tapes of everyone’s favourite Soundcloud Premium User – sherekahnn.

Proving that the best gifts at Christmas are air horn shaped and underpinned by a welly full of donk, Desert Sound Colony guides us through the CD you won’t find under your tree this year, but probably should.

1. All I Want For Christmas Is Tour

Obviously this one has to go up at number one to get you in the Chrimbo spirit. Those reece synth melodies are just sublime aren’t they? Perfect for any office party when you want to make sure that you get everyone on the d floor.


2. Mr Wonderwally

Who knew that Wonderwall needed to be mashed up with Mr Happy? I had no idea that I needed it in my life but turns out its a perfect marriage. That build up with the air horns in the middle is particularly spectacular.


3. A Song Of Ice And Frogs

I knew whenever I was singing along loudly to the Game Of Thrones theme tune throughout the years that it was missing something. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s a piece of theme music majesty as it was, but at the same time surely it was missing the crazy frog over the top wasn’t it? I like to imagine that frog riding one of the the big friendly dragons from the series and playing this song as they fly around the seven kingdoms.


4. Luvin Chemtrails Instead

This one is beautiful. It almost brings a tear to my eye. A real work of art. I wish it was a bit longer to be honest. Maybe he will make an extended version one day. We can only dream right..?


5. Mr Nickelbacky (How U Rewind Me)

I saved the best till last. Chad Kroeger’s vocals whining out over the top of Mr Happy is something that you will probably remember till the day you die. Now you’ve got your midnight song choice sorted for NYE this year. You’re welcome x

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