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Different Ways of Seeing With Hieroglyphic Being

Hieroglyphic Being will perform one of three live sets at Bad Actors’ launch party at Corsica Studios. Elsewhere, there will be sets from Rezzet and Kassem Mosse, each taking their turn to meld rhythm and machine accompanied by an AV installation from Parametrica.

Hieroglyphic Being is the sound artist and experimental composer at the helm of Mathematics Recordings. Raised in Chicago, he became a cornerstone of the underground scene and part of the city’s rich musical lineage. He cites Adonis and Steve Pointdexter as family and the clubs he used to frequent as home. He is a tireless and prolific releaser of music – influenced by spiritual jazz as EBM and the House Music sounds that used to rattle the speakers at Ron Hardy’s Music Box.

First off, can you give us a brief picture of what you have been up to recently? How has the music been treating you? What’s next on the cards for Mathematics?

Wellness / Mental /Financial Stability. The music hasn’t been treating me, I have been treating it.  With Mathematics,  106 & 107 double packs this year by Kelton Prima & Ghost Horse (French Boogie & Italian Free Jazz) Then 2020 will be the 20 +  years for the label so not sure – we might go R&B 80’s slow Jams and spoken word electro.

You have talked previously about Chicago clubs like The Reactor and Medusa as being like family to you. Can you give us a picture of what those clubs were like in their day?

Who would go there? What music was played?

Young Beings trying 2 escape. Just good quality music period. Genres are just an illusion.

Do you feel Chicago has suffered as a result of losing these clubs? In what way has Chicago suffered?

There ain’t no sob stories here, it ain’t suffered, it’s doing way better than most places around the world. The reason you don’t hear about it is cause we just not that thirsty 2 get noticed like that anymore.

Do you know what caused these legendary clubs to disappear?

What’s with the negativity! They didn’t disappear they live on in our experiences and memories and creativity.

Is there anywhere that you look to now in present day Chicago that gets close to those clubs?

Come 2 Chicago and see for yourself. That’s the mad arrogance of the larger global dance community in their ego, believing they got it going on. It’s not where it all started.

You have cited Steve Pointdexter and Adonis as mentors and influences on your music.Can you talk a little about how they have shaped your music and approach to music making?

Listen here and you tell me –

You were a dancer in clubs before you started making music. In what ways does dance and movement have an impact on your music?

I make stuff that I would move to, it ain’t that complicated.

Have you ever written songs for a particular dancer, or had a dancer in mind when you have been composing? 

No, it’s all about feeling and energy from the human experience nothing more nothing less.

Is performing in clubs a natural progression from dancing?

No it’s work and I’m the hired entertainment. Dancing is freeing thyself from the ego.

Could you talk a little about the similarities and differences between the two mediums?

Ego ego ego, it ain’t about me. All this stuff you’re asking is ego centred and I’m not doing this for that so I really don’t have an answer for the last 3 questions asking me the same thing in 4 different ways.

Can you talk about the mechanics of your live set and what the crowd should look out for when you play at Corsica Studios?

First of all, the crowd shouldn’t be looking out for a dam thing but just dancing and enjoying life. The mechanics is just making sure the people leave happy and fulfilled.

Your music can be quite gritty and dark but on the whole, it feels very elevated and positive. It feels like we are living in ever more dark and trying times. Do you see things as getting worse before they get better? How do we pull together in these dark times?

See I’m not buying into that or feeling that you are what you think. Don’t give negative energy free rent into your reality. Let’s put it this way, the bad people of the world that’s supposedly causing all the ills and evil on the planet are feeling really fucking GOOD right about now. So, why would we give them the benefit of getting pleasure from misery and fear and suffering and panic.Adjust your thoughts and spirit and body for goodness and keep it moving.

Do the right thing and be in tune with The Universe.

Catch Hieroglyphic Being, Rezzet and Kassem Mosse with support from Bad Actors DJs and Phonica Records at Corsica Studios – Bad Actors #01; Rezzett, Kassem Mosse & Hieroglyphic Being