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Individual Collective share their highlights

“We’ve been proud purveyors of the eclectic, and generally not conforming to any particular genre, tempo, aesthetic, or ideology when it comes to electronic music.”

Individual Collective celebrate their 5th birthday, and last party at Corsica Studios this Friday. The collective has bought consistently heavy lineups from artists such as Ancient Methods, Kangding Ray and Shackleton regularly making the nights so memorable. This Friday’s night is no exception, with sets from Adam X, Ron Morelli, Broken English Club, as well as Ancient Methods. Serious eyes-down techno business. Ahead of the night Individual Collective have selected their highlights from over the years.








Kangding Ray – Amber Decay

We’ve literally heard this over and over at most of our birthday events. It’s just one of those tracks that sounds even better played live, on a Rane rotary mixer, on that fabulous Corsica Studio’s room one soundsystem. We think the system was literally built for this track. and we’re sad that David is playing in South America for our 5th birthday and can’t join us to roll it out once more for the last time with us.

Sonar – Cosmic Rays

I think we’ve only had a handful of genuine WTF moments, and this is one that Ancient Methods unexpectedly duly delivered to us a few years back. The raw power, and deceptive simplicity of this track is so alluring, and we have it on good authority that Michael may drop this in his set on Friday.

Caterina Barbieri – Gravity That Binds

Talking of genuine WTF moments, our 4th birthday event saw Samuel Kerridge melt room two with this stunning record. A vague recollection was that it was layered over an Autechre track, but the everlasting memory was of this brooding and emotional piece of music from this fantastic emerging Italian artist. Just simply stunning, really makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. This will go down in our memories for years to come.

Call Super – Acephale II

Individual Collective Resident Matt aka Keylen has never taken this out of his bag over the 5 years of Individual Collective events. We think that says it all really. If there ever was a track that personified the statement “rescuing the dancefloor” this genuinely would be it. Always a sea of happy faces for this one.

Headless Horseman – For All Eternity

This track has to have a special mention for two particular reasons. Firstly, a huge big up to Headless Horseman for being with us on the journey, some really good memories of his live sets for us over the years, and an artist we’re genuinely proud to say we broke in here in the UK, at Corsica Studios. Secondly, this track was made for the Elephant Road compilation, which was in memory of the late Amanda Moss (co-founder of Corsica Studios). Arguably, one of Headless Horseman’s most epic compositions, and one we think we can all say we’re proud to have made happen for such a great cause.

Whirling Hall Of Knives – Blood On The Controls (Whirling Hall Of Knives Remix#1)

Another slice of education for us from Ancient Methods. Slowed down to to a respectable speed (Method’s is the master of making things sound completely unfamiliar in such a great way), this is a track track that may ordinarily be overlooked, but again, Michael made room one shake with this one back at an early birthday. We just think the soundsystem in room one is designed for the huge and noisy, and this track certainly ticks those boxes.

Donato Dozzy – Vaporware 07

A personal favourite from resident Billy Allen’s vault. This track, in some way, goes to summing up Individual Collective. We’ve been proud purveyors of the eclectic, and generally not conforming to any particular genre, tempo, aesthetic, or ideology when it comes to electronic music. You’ll hear this early at Individual Collective, but it really wouldn’t sound out of place peak time either. A stone cold classic.

Murray Head – Jesus Christ Superstar

Who else other than the inimitable Regis could drop this at our Ugandan Methods event back in 2017. This was such a mad event for us, almost thwarted by the British Airways IT meltdown, this track felt like a little bit of light relief on that particular evening. Just reminds you that great doesn’t have to mean the most cutting edge underground electronic music known to woman and man, it just has to make people dance and have fun. A stark reminder to keep things on the lighter side occasionally.

Tropic Of Cancer – I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over 

If you want a cult track played by both residents (Billy Allen and Keylen) at multiple events, this is it. We try as best we can to ease people into the night by playing the right music in the right moment, this is a real pre-midnight showcase of the overall soundtrack for us, a real dreamy number to get yourself prepared for what’s to come. Be prepared to hear this at our fifth birthday for sure.

Cloaks – R.F.I.D. (Ancient Methods Remix)

Not trying to look, or sound like one trick ponies, again we pick another track involving Ancient Methods. Technically, we can’t say this one literally relates to Corsica per se, as Micheal actually played this at our first ever event in Hackney 5 years ago (for those who were lucky enough to be there). The link ties in nicely with Corsica all the same, as we were regulars at events such as Plex, Bleed, and Colony (prior to IC), whereby we would hear the likes of Ancient Methods at their birthday events. Alongside Kangding Ray, we decided this was the artist that inspired us the most to start our own event series, and quite frankly continues to inspire us on multiple levels. I guess you could say that we’ve booked him and Kangding too many times, but when you get two particular artists that evolve, genre defy, and consistently break boundaries, why wouldn’t you? We’re proud to say we were somewhat there, supporting these great artists on their journey(s) to becoming the well renowned electronic musicians they are now. True pioneers.

You can find tickets for IC 5th Birthday/END with Ancient Methods, Adam X, Ron Morelli, Broken English Club, Zanias,+More here.