Corsica Studios


Introducing our new main room Funktion One system

We’ve upgraded our main room with a brand new Funktion One system, and it bangs hard.

Corsica Studios has always been famous for its commitment to sound quality. Whether it’s a weeknight gig or weekend club night, our passion for sound has defined us. It’s also a major factor in our success and something customers and artists alike cite as a reason for returning to the club.

That’s why we decided to upgrade the Funktion One system in our main room. Working with Project Audio, our sound-partners helping to craft and install systems throughout the club, we revamped the entire room, replacing the monitors, subs, and booth monitors. The new instillation marks our 4th upgrade in 16 years, and second in the last year. The upgrade is the latest step in our journey towards perfecting the sound and space at Corsica Studios.

Corsica Studio’s general manager Jamie Shearer says: “This rig is ideal for the electronic music we’re pushing. It’s fast, super dynamic and clinical. It has a short throw sub-wall, which is ideal for a small room, plus has the added bonus of not affecting our neighbours beauty sleep. If you want to hear quality music, finished by quality mastering engineers with soul-shaking physical impact I can’t see there being a better place than Corsica Studios’ main room.”

The upgrade consists of four Funktion One EVO6’s, six BR118 subs under the stage, two Res2, and BR118 for DJ booth monitors, all in a 4 point setup. The BR118’s enhance the sound in the main room, as they are designed for more enclosed spaces, where the bass isn’t required to travel as far. Unlike the F218’s, the new BR118’s use a bass reflex design (direct radiator), and move air directly with the driver cone, as oppose to a horn, enabling them to play lower frequencies than horn loaded subs.

The EVO6 is one of the newest speakers Funktion One have come out with. The monitor is based on a redesign of the Res series, and combines horn-loaded 15” mid-bass, 10” mid-range and a 1.4” compression driver.

While reading about the new system may satisfying your inner sound-nerd, it’s best experienced in person. Why not check it out this weekend at Rhythm Section on Friday, BSM 2nd Birthday Saturday, or Jaded with JKS & Mayeul on Sunday.