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JAY’s Weirdo Industrial Tracks

The SIREN co-founder presents her playlist of dark industrial sounds.

Ahead of her set alongside CEM, Andrea, Sol Ortega, Miley Serious and Asquith this Saturday at the Find Me In The Dark 5th Birthday, SIREN co-founder JAY has curated a playlist of “weirdo industrial tracks” for your listening pleasure.








Test Dept. – Sweet Sedation

I love tracks that start out muffled and confusing and switch up and surprise you. This one keeps giving, so much metallic drum fun and screaming. Right up my street…

Fimxer/Mccarthy – Chemicals

I admit, i heard Helena Hauff play this as one of her last tracks at Houghton this year. I haven’t lost the plot to a solitary track in a long time and this one did it for me. The driving force of McCarthy’s vocals in this one makes people go nuts!

Caroline K – Animallattice

I found Caroline K a while back , she makes the darkest, weirdest ambient and founded industrial group Nocturnal emissions. Worth a listen if you are in a coffin or looking into the depths of hell.

Crowbar – The Talkin’ Windmill (Flying Dutchman Ambient Mix)

I love weirdo trax, this one takes you everywhere and gives you many feelings. Some rave vocals mixed up with trancey dots and ending with a collection of dark metallic sounds. What more could you want?!

You can find tickets to the Find Me In the Dark 5th Birthday here.