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Lobster Theremin’s Rosy Morris picks her top LT releases

Lobster Theremin’s Rosy Morris chooses 10 essential releases to get us in the mood for Lobster Theremin x Transatlantic.









Founded in 2013, the prolific Lobster Theremin rapidly rose to the vanguard of London’s house & techno scene providing now legendary artists like Palms Trax, Route 8, nthng & Reflec with crucial early support. Started and curated by Jimmy Asquith, the label also spawned Lobster Distribution, which works with over 300 labels and leading outlets, Lobster Records shop in London Fields (which is well worth a visit), and a number of sub-labels including Distant Hawaii, Lobster Sleep Sequence, Mörk, & Asquith (which just released a banger).










We caught up with Lobster Theremin’s new Label Assistant Rosy Morris ahead of Lobster Theremin x Transatlantic. Rosy has worked for Lobster Theremin for 2.5 years, and has just transitioned to assisting Jimmy with the label after working on the distribution side of things, helping run Find Me In The Dark, and managing Lobster Theremin mainstay Grant.

Rosy has chosen 10 essential Lobster releases to get us in the mood for Lobster Theremin x Transatlantic.

Supreems – Us Together

This track has helped me through some really tough times and holds a very special place in my heart.

Grant – No Lights

Grant’s music just totally mesmerises me. I could sit for hours listening to his tracks, they just send you into an absolute trance. No Lights is one of my faves, it’s so twinkly and pretty :)

Route 8 – Come Home

This release isn’t even out and don’t we know it! I literally cannot wait for this and I’m pretty sure there are quite a few that would agree with me on this ;)

LUZ1E – U Know How I’m Feeling

I know it’s not technically Lobster but fuck it, this track is the shit. The way LUZ1E combines modern pop and nostalgic house so well is totally mesmerising to me.

Daze – Lips

I had actually just bought this record from Phonica (where I was interning at the time) when I met Jimmy (LT Bossman). I didn’t know who he was though and I just kept banging on about how good the record was before he had to tell me haha.

Minimal Violence – Now!

These two women are such a weapon, and this track is the best. It’s full of energy and power – it speaks for itself.

Manse – A Slap in The Face of Public Taste

I just love how unforgiving Manse’s music is. This track is so raw and punchy, always reminds me of how I feel when I wake up from a night out haha.

Slacker – Amen To The Lonely

Another track that helped me through some tough times. Although I’d been sent the files ages before it came out so the suspense for this release actually coming out was massive for me.

D.Dan – The Danger Zone

D.Dan is the man. My favourite techno producer, it’s all just utter filth! Also, I played this for a warm-up set at Corsica once (LOL).

Nthng – Soms

One of the best things about Lobster is just how diverse the music really is. This came out not long after I started working here and I remember just being totally blown away at what journeys the music on this label have the power to take you on. I’ve literally played this track so much, both in my headphones for personal listening and warming up the club, it just get’s you ready for something really exciting I think.

Route 8, LUZ1E & nthng play on Saturday 28th July at Lobster Theremin x Transatlantic.