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Make Me: 11 Tracks for 11 Years

Make Me residents Rubin, Rupes, Nic Baird and Kit Seymour run down 11 memorable tracks to commemorate 11 years of one of London’s most loved nights.

On a night that promises three rooms of some of the finest music in clubland, Corsica welcomes legendary collective Make Me to celebrate their 11th birthday in style with a tour-de-force line-up including: Pearson Sound, Peter Van Hoesen, Jane Fitz, Willow, Vladimir Ivkovic, DjRUM, DMX Krew (live), Lukas Wigflex, KRN, GiGi FM and Rough Draft, alongside residents Rubin, Rupes, Nic Baird, Kit Seymour.









Nut nut – Special Dedication (Ladies mix)

Rubin – We were lucky enough to host Ben UFO’s first all night London set at the end of 2013. As you’d expect, it was a genre-hopping masterclass from one of the best DJs of his generation. Traversing effortlessly between acid house, garage, techno, dubstep and closing on a half hour of classic jungle, including this slab of pure fire from DJ Nut nut. Still gets a reload to this day.















ERP – Eagle Nebula

Rubin – One of my favourite times playing at Make Me was opening for Stingray at our first ever collaboration with Nachtdigital at the end of 2017. I got through a ton of personal favourites across two hours that could very easily fill this list, but something about this ERP track, which I only came across that day, perfectly sums up the vibe of the set. Deep, rolling, ethereal and exceptionally well produced by a true musical visionary.

Leafar Legov – Our love is strong

Rubin – One of the genuine stand out moments from our time at Corsica Studios was seeing Leafar Legov play a 3 hour live set room 2 at the end of 2016. There are very few artists that can deliver an extended set of just their own material, and this track was a proper highlight amongst three hours of past, current and future classics from one of my favourite producers.

















Murphy Jacks – Time to Bump

Nic – Dr Rubinstein closed our 10th Birthday with an amazing set in room 1, from 6am – 9am. She played a barnstorming selection of squelchy hard acidy techno and when legs were tiring around the 8:30am mark, she dropped this absolute beauty which brought huge smiles to everyone on the dancefloor. Genius moment by a one-of-a-kind selector.

Autechre – Autriche

Nic – Up until a couple of years ago, we used to open the parties and ambient would play a central role in these early sets. Something from Autechre’s masterpiece Incunabula would generally get played.

Human Imagination – Do you Love me

Nic – I played this one in a b2b with Rupes before Convextion in one of my favourite Make Me parties. It tugs on the heart strings and whacks you around the face at the same time. Banger.

Tropical Moon – Jungle House

Rupes – I Played this one about 3 tracks into mine and Nics 10th Bday b2b set last year, to a super responsive Room 2.. Such a great old track that still sounds fresh today. Whoops, sick percussion and a deep rolling it.









Ondo Fudd – Coup d’etat

Rupes – Prior to our time at Corsica we did bi monthly loft parties at Studio Spaces in Shoreditch. This Call Super tune always comes to mind when I think back to those parties..Have very fond memories of playing it just before Roman Flugel, lively night that one.

Point Blank – Meng’s Theme

Rupes – Played by Dozzy & PvH at the 1st VU party we did. Their hybrid dj/live set was a total masterclass with this track being a highlight for me..the kick in off the back of the breakdown sounded absolutely epic on that big rig in that cavernous arch.









Photek – Can’t Come Down

Kit – A spontaneous B2B with a mate I’d bumped into randomly after a full day boozing at Field day, (miraculously) resulted in being one of my favourite sets at a MM to date. We closed out R2 for 4 or so hours to a packed room of responsive ravers until the lights came up. This was one of my final tracks. The Landlord at my local pub growing up used to ram this album down my throat (Shouts to Alan) so was really special finding the right time to drop a track off it.

Nathan Haines feat. Verna Francis – Earth Is The Place (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix) Wave Music

Kit – This one the product of another R2 close (looks like there’s a theme here..) however this time from Paquita Gordon who played for us and Nachtdigital at our last party. Can’t sing her praises any higher. We were all completely blown away by her set! Make sure you do everything in your power to check her if you get the chance. Remember when this track hit the system it feeling a bit like being handed an orange after an intensive work out. That said, I can’t remember the last time I exercised.

The Make Me 11th Birthday takes place this Friday. You can find tickets here.