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Manfredas: SLO MOTION Action Replay

The man from Vilnius, Manfredas, gives his cut of the tape selecting all slo – motional, all action thrillers ahead of Fade to Zaire this weekend. As a resident promoter and DJ at Opium, Manfredas pioneered a party revolution in his home town, bringing Vilnius to the attention of Europe’s dancers. His distinct brand of psychedelic chug gives motion to an all together freakier feeling dance floor. Slowed, skewed and screwed – locked into a hypnotic tango with  Manfredas at the controls, you’re going places.

This is a list of tranced out and experimental firepower designed by Manfredas to bend minds and limbs – make sure to catch him and more at Fade to Zaire ~ Manfredas / Bawrut / Timothy Clerkin (Live) / Chloe Frieda / MLE / Patrisha

Vladamir Tarasov – ATTO IV

Recorded in 1989 at Vilnius Recording Studio.

Viola Klein – A

Viola Klein collaborates with musicians from Senegal and Detroit to produce two tracks centered around Senegalese percussion.

Opium Monks – The Secrets Of Afrika (Instrumental)

’88 cut from mysterious Belgian outfit, Opium Monks.

Mappa Mundi – Serendipity

New age, creeping atmospherics from Mappa Mundi.

Vector Trancer – Wormhole Chant

Mirror Zone goes down the wormhole with Vector Trancer at the wheel.

Renegade Soundwave – Renegade Soundwave (Leftfield Mix)

Leftfield’s alternative cut on Renegade Soundwave.


See you down at the wiggle – Fade to Zaire ~ Manfredas / Bawrut / Timothy Clerkin (Live) / Chloe Frieda / MLE / Patrisha