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Jamie Tiller’s ‘No More Iller’ Playlist

Music From Memory’s head honcho Jamie Tiller, is the selector you want captaining your ship when sailing head first along the waves of musical obscurity. Over the past couple of years, he has built up a reputation for his uncanny ability to pluck oddball strains of out-there jams from past and present, and mould  it into deviant party music. This Saturday, Jamie plays for No Bad Days, joining hosts Hollick and Gabriel and a live set from Whities’s own pop auteur, Reckonwrong.

Here, we put his expansive knowledge of weirdo-wave, pop-not-pop and dance floor exotica to the test and ask him to put a track to a series of given situations. No Filler. All Tiller.

The track that you think you’re going to be starting your set for No Bad Days.

Surefire party starter from African Project, one of many alias of cosmic deejay, DJ Stefan Egger.

First track, on the hi-fi, after the party.

Ambient diving tracks on Eating Music.

A track that you feel you have rescued from obscurity.

Track 2 from Dip in the Pool’s 1991 laserdisc-only video collection. Dip in the Pool were a Japanese pop group from the late 1980s.

An artist or track that has become your favourite recent discovery.

“I’ve really been rewarded diving in to the San Francisco label ZoëMagik-Records the last year or so.” 

Classic Progressive House Music out of 1992.

The record you use to soundtrack a weekend off in Berlin.

“This is one record I’ve really been enjoying lately.”

Opening track from classic 1994 ambient album “Life Before Land” by Another Fine Day

A track that has never left your bag.

“Funky Family – Funk Is On is always there for some end of the night fun”

Catch Jamie, Reckonwrong and No Bad Day’s Residents Hollick and Gabriel at No Bad Days with Jamie Tiller & Reckonwrong