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Noneoftheabove talk Acid, Industrial and Capitalism ahead of their debut at Jaded

Noneoftheabove are known for fast, intense, acid & industrial techno.









Noneoftheabove is synonymous with intense acid and industrial techno. What’s the story behind the project and what’s your musical journey been like so far?

So we didn’t know each-other until arounf 6 months before we started Noneoftheabove. We had already started doing some collabs at the time under our solo aliases’, and from that came a gig on a boat with about 30-50 people and we basically created Noneoftheabove as a duo solely for that gig. Somehow it got the eye of the public and the rest is history. The musical part was a bit more complicated, we started out playing really heavy industrial and old gabber tracks on 150 to 170 bpm. There was a issue with us playin’ these kind of tracks on a high bpm though, the people were unable to dance to it (which is why they come to a club). So we went cratediggin’ & tried to improve certain points of our sets & productions. This carried on until we came across the old Chris Liebing LP “Stigmata”, after hearing what techno was about at that point in time we were instantly sold. Power, groove, tempo it basically had everything we we’re looking for at the time. So from the start of Noneoftheabove it took us about 3 years to really find our ways into techno and find the most suiting style for us and give it our own twist.

TheAbove Records has a really strong roster and musical aesthetic, putting out acid and industrial for a good few years, including bangers like Another Acid Track. How did the project start? And where do you see it going in the future?

TheAbove Records was created around 2 years ago. We were tired of labels telling us we needed to wait months and months for a release. This gave us the option to release our own tracks, as well as tracks by other artists without any boundaries or limitations whatsoever, and within acceptable time-limits.

The label itself isn’t really based on any genre – we see it as a collection music we like ourselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s experimental, hard techno, industrial techno or the more electronic stuff, if we think it’s dope it should be dropped.

ArchivOne – Another Acid Track

Your release “Cuz I’m Saying So” is quite different from the rest of your releases with a much more ambient and downtempo feel. Was this your first and only experiment with other genres?

It is one thing to make a 4×4 techno track, but an entire different world to start experimenting and throwing all rules out of the window. Since the both of us were always interested in more experimental, breakbeat & ambient kind of stuff, and after making 4×4 techno tracks for years the choice was really easy.

It was not our first experiment with other genres though, we have released several breakbeat and ambient tracks and still have a huge amount of unreleased tracks that were created over the years. Neither be our last experiment with other genres, as we always strive to improve and challenge ourselves.

Noneoftheabove – Cuz Im Saying So

A number of tracks both in your discography, and in the catalogue of TheAbove Records have explicitly political themes such as “Capitalism” (Noneoftheabove – Capitalism – Elements D02), and Presidential Talk by AERT (TAR011). Does politics influence your work? And do you think there is any connection between the crisis of late capitalism and the rise in popularity of industrial techno?

Yes of course, politics influences everything – even our work. Seeing a select elite run everything for their own benefit will get you thinking. And people needed a way of escaping the current situation. Their comfort is industrial techno, as the comfort of a lot of people a few years back used to be the more darker slower techno. We will always look for a way to make ourselves heard, its in our instincts – you tell us not to something and we will give you the middle finger and do it anyways, – it’s just human nature.

Lets take Paris for example. The techno scene is thriving, huge sold out warehouses every weekend with massive line-ups all mostly developed over the past few years. But the economy itself is absolutely ruined, we’re all being used by governments and companies for their own benefits and that’s not only in Paris. You see it happening everywhere.

Noneoftheabove – Capitalism

What do you think of the increase in commercialisation of dance music culture?

In some ways it is a positive turn, for artists it means they can achieve what they always had in mind. Getting their music out there and getting heard by people, the potential audience for a lot of artists has grown from small filled clubs to huge sold out festivals every weekend basically.

It’s also hard to say if you can see this as a positive or negative development, as every downside has its upside.┬áThe industry around electronic dance music is blooming, there are new artists standing up everyday and you see a continuous flow of artists rising to the top of the industry. I guess we can be proud to say that electronic dance music is among the top 3 genres in the world. But as I said, there’s always a downside, money is becoming more and more involved in the scene. Bigger organisations are striving for one thing – and that’s how to double/triple their money. You will notice more of the same people on every lineup simply because it sells. And because of the rise of electronic dance music it will be even harder for some to get any shows or attention at all.

AERT – Presidential Talk

This is your first set in London. Are you excited to play, and what expectations do you have of the club, soundsystem and Jaded?

It’s difficult to have any expectations whatsoever, because every country, city and club has his own different vibe. But one thing is sure we’ve heard many good and crazy stories about London & Jaded. Even if only half of them are true, we’re in for a awesome morning!

What does your studio set-up look like? And what are your favourite pieces of gear at the moment?

Quite messy to be honest, at the moment we aren’t sharing studios. But the time we did share it this was the overall setup;

– 2x Octatrack, because we’ve been working with DAWS for ages now and this is the best way to get your daw sounds into an analogue machine.
– TR8 & TR09, no explanation needed.
– Some distortion pedals & reverb pedals
– Jomox Mbase 11, for a easy handling of kicks

All the things above we use for our drums, mostly recording it in 16 step bars and editing it digitally where needed. And we have about 6 to 8 synths combined between the both of us. Our favourite piece of gear has to be the Behringer Neutron, having such a synth in this price range is awesome! A must have in the studio.

Do you have any projects or releases in the coming year that you’d like to talk about?

Yes we do! We’ve introduced our new act with out good mate D.Carbone named “Executioners. For this alias we’ve created an album with at least 8 tracks, where we basically recorded most of the tracks in one go. We’ve started this alias to embrace a more powerful & noisy sound.

For the remainder of the year we’ve got a lot of releases upcoming. Releasing several EP’s and 3 remixes. Which include a remix for D.Carbone, a remix for Yari Greco that has already been supported by SpeedyJ. For now we’re also looking to getting a big track give away sorted.

Noneoftheabove play at Jaded Easter with Noneoftheabove & Falhaber on Sunday. You can find tickets here.