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Orpheu The Wizard’s Trouble Vision Birthday Playlist

An exclusive playlist and interview from Orpheu The Wizard for Trouble Vision’s 10th birthday.

Orpheu The Wizard is co-founder of Amsterdam’s legendary Red Light Radio. A master of groove, Orpheu is famed for his diverse selection which effortlessly switches between genres while maintaining focus on the dancefloor. We managed to get an exclusive interview and playlist from Orpheu The Wizard, curated in celebration of 10 years of Trouble Vision. Have a listen below, and see you on Friday.












Native Cruise – 5:45 Barbarellas

Sweet jam coming up on No Bad Days by to me yet unknown producer Native Cruise. Unfortunately they decided to release it on cassette and not on vinyl, but luckily you can buy it digitally too. Very nice release!

I’ve read that one of your early musical inspirations was NWA. But what got you into DJ’ing specifically?

I started throwing parties with friends around 2004/2005, mostly because we thought the music we wanted to hear wasn’t offered anywhere in Amsterdam. We were not really thinking about booking people etcetera at first, so we naturally decided to DJ the parties ourselves. I then spent a few years DJing mostly local parties and had a few years 2010-2014 that I hardly played, focussing more on the radio. Slowly I started playing gigs here and there again, and in recent years it really took off!

Ranson McKenzie & Friends – Keep On Working

I really like it how sometimes you can discover jams on records you already have, like this one a cheap Red Stripe compilation I bought a few years ago. It has a few cool tracks like Beef In Box or The Sense That Never Sleeps, but somehow I overlooked this one. Very into it at the moment!

As a co-founder of Red Light Radio you’ve been supporting the scene in Amsterdam since 2010. What was your inspiration for the Radio, and how has the experience been?

Actually the inspiration for the radio at that time was East Village Radio in NYC, an online station broadcasting from a window front in the Lower East Side. There weren’t many online stations around to take inspirations from, dublab was there and Intergalactic FM, but a lot of the stations similar to RLR started around the same time or later. It’s been a wild ride for sure these 8 years, trying to figure out how to do this and how to keep doing it, but I’m happy that we have had a positive influence on the scene.

The Hustler – Do It Rite

Great Kwaito / SA House jam from 1996 that I got from DJ Gioumanne, the whole release has kind of X-Rated lyrics, bit weird, but this one has an instrumental (so actually not this version, but it’s not on Youtube) that I really like, slowed down euphoria, great stuff.

Your set’s are notoriously genre-defying – what can we expect to hear from you at the Trouble Vision birthday?

I wouldn’t know any other way than to play across genres, I’m into way too many different musical directions to limit myself. It still needs to be coherent though! Coming Saturday, let’s see how everyone feels and were the vibe takes us, but if the moment is there I’ll throw in a few Happy Birthday anthems.

MJ Lallo – Take Me With You

Brandon at Séance Centre sent me the promo files for the upcoming compilation they are doing on MJ Lallo, called Take Me With You, and I have been obsessed since. Everything on there and on the precious MJ Lallo 12 SC released is amazing, I listen to it everyday, already release of the year for me!

What do you have coming up in the future?

I’m going to tour Australia for the first time this November, and will play a couple of gigs in Asia in December so this is all very exciting. Gigs for next year are coming in too now, I’m sure 2019 will be great. We will be celebrating 8 years of RLR this December which is crazy, we are getting near to a decade of Red Light Radio….

Precipitation – Earth 1

Very much into this floaty one at the moment, not sure what to write about it, just really into this good late night early morning jam. 

Tickets for Trouble Vision 10th birthday are sold out, however there will be a limited number on the door so get down early.