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In Patrick Russell’s bag

Patrick Russell curates a playlist of avant garde dance ahead of his set at Make Me.








Patrick Russell is a veteran of the US underground rave scene. Hailing from the Detroit, and becoming embedded in the Midwest’s 90s acid rave culture, Patrick’s sets are often described as deep and hypnotic. The New York based artist was key figure in the No Way Back parties, and also has strong ties with legendary New York party The Bunker, as well as Detroit label Interdimensional Transmission. Have a listen to his playlist, and make sure you reach Make Me with Lena Willikens, Patrick Russell, Saoirse, Noncompliant & Simkin.

Black Replica – Mathematische Augen

Crucial lost project from Gerald Donald and the mysterious Black Replica. This one has found its way into my more adventurous sets for years now, and I’m beyond thrilled it’s finally seeing a proper release.

Matti Turunen – Travel Naskh

From a recent V/A release on Puu, Matti Turunen (of Finnish electro group Morphology) turns in a cut that sounds right at home in the Sähkö camp, firmly grounded in Finnish tradition but with a hint of…Arpanet?

Tdel – Talim

This one’s from my compadre Tdel, aka Tom deLaubenfels. I’ve been playing his tracks for years, which can typically lean toward deep, serene, and/or hypnotic, but here he fills out his spatial production style with sonics reminiscent of Mika Vainio.

Don’t DJ – Veles

The polyrhythms and atmospheres Florian Meyer creates are like the sonic version of magic realism. Wherever (and whenever) this half-alien fantasy version of Earth exists that he soundtracking, I demand to go now. This track was on repeat for much of my fall Asian tour, and I still return to it.

Kuf & Dold – Jam 5

Each prolific in their own right, here these Swedish producers team up for a release on Evod Music, a label run by Evod & Oisel. I play a ton of material from all four of them, as they create adventurous tunes that range from peak-time techno, to deep/spacey Mills-type tracks, to well…the less-describable. “Jam 5” falls into the latter category. Even though I’ve yet to drop it in a set, I often listen to this track to get myself in a particular headspace before playing. You can cut the tension with a knife.

Conrad Schnitzler – Electric Garden

“Oldie but a goodie”. This has long been a favorite, but a close friend masterfully dropped this up in the mountains recently and it was the perfect storm of setting, people, sound, and vision to burn it into my brain forever. Genuine masterpiece from another dimension.

Le Officine Di Efesto – Plasma Hymn

Unreal track by Donato Dozzy &, starting off like a lost early 90s RDJ drum track…until it becomes the soundtrack to a Sumerian ziggurat rave. Tribal, mystical, tough as nails – all in perfect balance.

Ectomorph – Stalker

Off of BMG & Erika’s long-awaited debut album, the title track is a laid-back Jefferson Avenue cruiser, with their classic trademarks shining through a fresh coat of paint. I heard Ectomorph perform this live a couple years ago and have been enamoured with its groove ever since.

Organic Dial – Subelan

New project from Cleveland’s John Elliott and Andrew Veres, also known as Outer Space. Both exceptional synthesists, they’ve played two of my favorite events—Labyrinth and No Way Back—multiple times over and always bring something completely fresh. A couple of modern musical minds, and all of their material is worth checking.

Lori Scacco – Other Flowers in Strange Cities

The outstanding Mysteries Of The Deep podcast + event series expanded into an equally impressive label in 2018, and in less than a year label boss Grant Aaron has already built a rock-solid, diverse catalog. It was difficult to choose just one title, but I’ve probably listened to this remix by Certain Creatures the most in recent months. Oliver’s proficiency in synthesis, layering, production, and evolving composition truly blow me away every time.

Make Me with Lena Willikens, Patrick Russell, Saoirse, Noncompliant & Simkin takes place this Saturday from 2300-0700. You can find tickets here.