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Proteus shares her favourite dark tracks

Before her set at The Quietus 10th Birthday Rave, Proteus shares some strange and wonderful tracks spanning soundscapes, industrial, coldwave and post-punk.









From beginning as a night dedicated to synthwave, at clubs like Rye Wax and the Shackwell Arms, Proteus’ sound has developed into one encompassing a spectrum of darker sounds from EBM, to industrial techno, coldwave and post-punk. Beyond the parties, as a DJ Proteus has just made her Berlin debut at KitKatClub, and plays regularly at Possession, which she co-founded with Tom Unlikely. Ahead of playing alongside British Murder Boys, Perc, and many, many more, Proteus has kindly selected some of her favourite cuts.

ADMX-71 – Nine Decades Later

At the moment I’ve been rinsing soundscapes. With a lot of the songs I play, I’m very invested in that they have quite a rich sonic palette. This ADMX-71 track has been one of my recent favourites.

The Klink – Those

Joyfully brutal, intense distorted beat driven ebm.

Störung – Europe Calls

I’ve just come back from my first gig over in Berlin. My favourite part of the whole journey was finding the grimmest little goth squat party. There was so much amazing coldwave and darkwave to listen to. Dancing under strobes, in room filed with smoke to underground synthpop will always be a very happy space for me.

Russell E. L. Butler – Acorn

This album is a wealth of unconventional offset beats, and a wonderful antidote to the staler side of techno. Long live Opal Tapes.

Feminelli Noir – Boys Boudoir

Primal visceral industrial techno. There’s a sort of catastrophic sensuality to this one, which I think is such an important aspect to any dancefloor. The club is a weird sort of mating ground, where sex and abrasive noise go hand in hand.

You can follow Proteus on Soundcloud here.