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Rupture’s Double O & Mantra: Jungle playlist & interview

Ahead of the massive 12th birthday 3-room takeover this friday, Rupture’s Double O and Mantra have prepared to two playlists of their favourite jungle tracks, as well as an exclusive interview.

Rupture’s journey to the pinnacle of underground drum & bass culture began 12 years ago. From their origins as a party, to running one of the scene’s most respected labels, their focus has always been strictly on breaks side of things, and doing so has gathered them international acclaim. We caught up with Rupture’s Double O & Mantra ahead of their party this friday, and they shared their top jungle tracks.









Double O’s Jungle Playlist

Rupture has been going strong for 12 years now. How did you get into throwing parties? And what were your early parties like?

The first party we did was at Dingwalls and it was a bit of a flop! We lost out of loads of money but it made us re-assess things and realise that we needed to start small. We found this little basement in Shoreditch called 6ft Anda and did a few parties there which really went off. We then moved onto Pubic Life and from there managed to blag our way into Corsica Studios in 2008!

What have been some of the highlights form 12 years of parties?

The birthdays at Corsica are always special. Having 3 rooms really opens it up and adds to the chaos! It’s been sold out for a while but we also really keen to keep the numbers at a reasonable level so it’s not uncomfortably packed.

What draws you to the more breaks / jungle sounds? Was it a reaction to more commercial sounds that have been popular in D&B?

It’s more of a continuum from what we’ve always been into rather than a reaction to the commercial stuff.

In 2012 Rupture’s first release “Rebel Alliance / Sufferation” by Double O & Theory came out. What motivated you start the label? And What have been some of the key releases so far on the catalogue?

We work on impulse a lot and this was very much one of those moments! We winged it as always and have learnt so much over the years. I’m always on the phone to our distributers asking questions/ learning about the process, working out ideas. Again, it’s really hard to pick key releases as they all hold their own unique space in our back catalogue.

Forrest Drive West has been getting a lot of attention recently following releases of Rupture, Neighbourhood, Livity Sound and the recent RA feature. Can you tell us about how you began releasing his music?

He hit us up with a folder of music and we chose our favourite 4 for the Jungle Crack EP. He’s a machine and pretty much every track he sends us we want to sign.

You recently released the LP “The Fifth Column”, which features tracks form quite a few Rupture artists. Why did you choose the LP format?

It’s a various artist compilation and we see it as a celebration of the label and our artists. Our crew are really into their vinyl and so are we so releasing it as a 4 x vinyl box set was the only was to go!

For the birthday you’ve got a three-room takeover what are some of the key sets we should look out for?

We trust all the DJs playing for us, from Shiken Hanzo who is playing out for the first time to Seba who is an incredibly experienced DJ. Hopefully Crystl will be really special, he’s never played for us before and doesn’t play out much at all so it should be amazing.

Can you tell us about your new “The Planets” series?

We gave the artists a brief about which Planet they had been assigned and they rolled with it. Most of the music was made specifically for the project except for a couple which we’d had for a while that happened to fit the brief. As the planets progress and we get deeper into space so does the music.

What can we expect from Rupture in the coming year?

We’ve got parties at Corsica Studios, Fabric and Five Miles lined up. There’s loads of music forthcoming and some really exciting new artists we’ve signed so there’s a whole lot to watch out for! We’re also hosting an event on Saturday Dec 1st called EQ50 at Five Miles for women in d&b. There will be workshops on production, events promotion, DJing and a producers surgery where producers can play their tracks to a panel of industry professionals.

Mantra’s Jungle Playlist

Rupture 12th Birthday is sold out, but there is a limited number of tickets available on the door. Arrive early to avoid disappointment.