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Stephanie Sykes: Halloween playlist & interview

Jaded resident presents her Halloween playlist and discusses her monumental rise.

Stephanie Sykes has been making waves in techno. From her first release on Fullpanda in 2014, to her residencies at Jaded and Khidi in Tbilisi, and playing at Berghain, she is a DJ who does not hold back. We caught up with with Stephanie to talk about her rise ahead of her set at Jaded Halloween with SNTS & Stephanie Sykes.

How did you become interested in DJing? And what were some of your early influences?

I became interested in DJ’ing when I was in my early teens, I actually bought my first set of 1210’s at the age of 15 after a trip to Ibiza. I was heavily influenced by Lisa Lashes and Hard House at that time. I practically grew up at the Emporium in Coalville, going to Storm nights and Passion! My mates and I used to go raving a lot, clubbing culture was a massive part of my life, still is but in a very different way now.

Stephanie Sykes – Sikker

This is my latest creation and I love it! The track name is in Norwegian and really means something to me!

What drew you to your current sound?

For me it was always the music that I could fully lose myself too, so it made sense to pursue this sound. I’m drawn to Techno for many reasons. It can be dark and it can beautiful all at the same time! It can be elegant but brutal! Energetic and Melodic! I could go on…. but I think you understand :))

AnD – Prophecy

This track makes me feel ‘so’ incredibly happy whenever I listen to it. Nothing but put love for these boys!

Can you tell us about your residency at Jaded?

I have been a resident for Jaded since August 2015. It was after Dasha Rush and I took over room 1 in Corsica Studios that Krista & Ray decided to ask me to come back on a regular basis and of course I was absolutely thrilled and said yes! I will always remember that gig because the set was epic from start to finish! I remember I started with Karenn – Pace yourself and closed with Luis Ruiz – Tree of life haha. The crowd were amazing that day!

Over the past 3 years of being a resident I have really grown as a DJ and have some very fond memories of b2b sets and playing with amazing artist’s! It’s also been great fun getting to know the regulars that come to the club. Without them we’d be nothing.

Edit Select- Inlands

Tony at his best!! This track is so mesmerising!!

What do you think of the sound system at Corsica Studios?

100% it’s my favourite place to play! I think the sound system is really clear and I always feel relaxed and look forward to playing on it.

Your career has kicked off pretty quickly since Luna Tactus in 2014. What have been some of the highlights?

Travelling the world has been the biggest highlight! I feel super grateful for these life experiences and getting to meet so many like minded people along the way!

AEVA – Dramatic Sunset

One of my most loved records in my collection! Sit back and listen!

You have a number of releases in 2018 including on ://About Blank and one forthcoming on DYAD. How do you strike a balance between being a touring DJ and producer?

Life has many obstacles and I haven’t been writing as much material as I’d hoped (but) the general rule of thumb is to lay out ideas for tracks when ever the inspiration strikes. I even bought a MacBook air to use when touring so that I can always bring my work on the road with me.

DMX Krew – Dramatic Exit

Electronica dreaminess ❤

What do you have in store for 2019?

2019 will be a great year for me! Im going back on tour to Asia and will have my Canadian Debut! There are also some very exciting gigs happening closer to home which are a big personal goal for me, and whilst all this is happening I plan to spend more time in the studio.

You can fine tickets for Jaded Halloween with SNTS and Stephanie Sykes here.