Corsica Studios

What's on Sunday 25th November

  • Jaded

    • Viscerale (UK Debut)
      Jasmine Azarian
      Karlshorst Klub
      Raymundo Rodriguez
      Not Mass
      Time Traveler

    Viscerale, (UK Debut) Jasmine Azarian, Karlshorst Klub, Raymundo Rodriguez, Room 2 Curated by Hüb with Cramp, Not Mass, Time Traveler, Hüb

    On 25th November, the Children Of Jaded will be treated to an Industrial, EBM & Electro-tinged Sunday celebrating the UK debut of Viscerale, a specially-requested appearance by Jasmine Azarian, a debut that Jaded has been begging for from the mysterious Karlshorst Klub, and Hüb’s first room 2 curation.

    Resident Advisor event