Corsica Studios

What's on Thursday 16th August

  • Santiago Joaquin X Scorpionoidea

    • Santiago Jaoquin

    Santiago Jaoquin


    3xmk presents Scorpionoidea at Corsica Studios, created by Latin American artist Santiago Joaquin. The artist’s multidisciplinary work, with particular attention to his performances, has become a mode of exploring questions of identity and how power and hierarchy operate. At Corsica Studios, Joaquin will present a new body of work focused on his continued interest of the visceral experience. Conceptualised as an overall ritualistic experience of film and performance the night will play on the tensions at play in our encounters with others and the violence in desire and defence. Enriched with religious and philosophical ideas Joaquin’s artwork invites the participant into an adrenaline search for identity.


    “Yegua is the face of unapologetic destruction. The canary-island-born musician has been defined as both Ambient and Hardcore due to his mix of intensely-destructive sonar landscapes with the thrilling chills of synths which could soundtrack the worst of your nightmares. Yegua’s music is contemplative and solemn strongly charged with political commentaries about our society’s decline, climate change and belonging, as represented in his live sets

    and industrial dj sets featured on his latest world tour opening at Berlin’s legendary venue Berghain.

    His upcoming release ‘Psalter’ will mark his latest work since collaborating on Fecal Matter’s S/S18 for Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio and will also mark the second EP on his declive series. Featuring other artists like Perth’s Virgen Maria and Quantum Native’s Brood Ma this EP will differ from ‘Host’ as it tackles more into Ambient music than his previous experimental / club works. This release will come hand-in-hand with Yegua’s new live performance. ‘A Vestige Of The Void’ which premiered at Shanghai’s Fashion Week and i-D will mark the beginning of a series of live events with visuals and an AV show designed by the aritist and other collaborators.”

    Resident Advisor event