Corsica Studios

What's on Friday 16th August

  • Broken Sonics 2019

    • Equinox
      London Modular Alliance (live)
      TVO & Production Unit (live/DJ)
      Inchindown (live a/v)
      Tengui b2b Luke Handsfree
      Misc. DJs

    Equinox, Synkro, Sully, London Modular Alliance (live), TVO & Production Unit (live/DJ), Inchindown [Bruised Skies & Moon Zero] (live a/v), Tengui b2b Luke Handsfree, Misc. DJs [Mücha & Mr Misc.], CB

    It’s that time again: August, Corsica, and Broken20’s annual two-room, multi-genre rinse-out, featuring all your favourite DJs, live acts, a/v abstractionists and soundsystem troublemakers, for whatever you choose to pay ont’ door.

    Headlining, and guaranteeing all kru maximum peaktime funtimes, is a man we can’t stop booking: Equinox (‘cus he’s the best DJ in town). He’ll be playing everything but jungle for this one (ha), which means ravey rollers, tekky stompers, hardkore bleepers and, of course, 2-step bubblers, from one-two-oh 2 one-four-five, for those who know and those who don’t give a f*ck. Not to be missed. Joining him at the dex, Synkro – responsible for one of 2019’s standout electronic long-players – trips down from Manchester for an extended session on *that* rig (room 2 innit), dropping ambient, house, techno, garage, nu-school D&B and old-school IDM (and nex-lev mashups thereof), just the way we like it. Era-exploring ex-Colonist CB kicks off, while co-hosts and comrades-in-wax Tengui and Handsfree close out, dropping everything you need in you know what (clue: You Don’t Know).

    Over in room 1, the man making perhaps the freshest, freakiest bass music around rn, Sully, returns to Corsica on the back of a bruising Rupture set, with freedom to play as he pleases – which means genres shredded and new a-holes torn, basically (check his last few 12s if you don’t believe). Up on stage, London Modular Alliance will be similarly ruff n’ ready, but also deep, locked and grooving, bringing boxes and wires galore down from their Hackney Wick bunker (and shop) for an all-new, 100% live-and-improvised public address, hot on the heels of Freerotation. Before all that, we’ve got additional live electronix, of the a/v variety, from London’s Bruised Skies and Moon Zero, whose dark, dank Inchindown PA was a highlight of last year’s Misc. room-host, while Glasgow’s finest, TVO and Production Unit, drop tunes (drone, haus, tekno, bass – you know the drill) and generate vibes in inimitable soft-but-tuff, subtle-but-brutal B20 fashion, with added booth-based live manoeuvres from the latter. Misc. DJs get the whole shebang going, on a strictly anything-goes (except requests) tip, so expect all manner of VIP oddities and artkore anthemz to fire you up as yr beers (etc) go down.

    We love putting these things on – always alongside the good people of Corsica, in fully DIY fashion, for love not lucre – and trust you dig our steez: no messing Funktion-One raving, abstract electronics and everything in between, from dusk till dawn, for whatever you feel like paying. There’s really no better sitch to bust out those XXXtrafresh dance moves you’ve been preparing for the summer, is there? You know that, and so do we.

    Resident Advisor event