Corsica Studios

What's on Sunday 9th December

  • Jaded

    • Halv Drøm
      Julez Wyl
      Raymundo Rodriguez
      Hybrid Vigour
      Lorenzo Papini

    Halv Drøm, Julez Wyl, Raymundo Rodriguez, Room 2 curated by SLLAVwith Lockhart, Hybrid Vigour, Lorenzo Papini

    With his debut album just released on Wunderblock Records, now is the time for the Children Of Jaded to hear from industrial, EBM and post-punk alchemist – Halv Drøm.

    His love for field recordings, guitars churned into shrieking maelstroms, and willingness to go beyond comfortable dance patterns are all in play on his podcast to celebrate the event. Listen here:

    Halv Drøm makes his debut at London’s DIY haven – Corsica Studios on Sunday 9th December, playing a 3 hour DJ set.

    Resident Advisor event