Corsica Studios

What's on Sunday 26th March

  • Jaded

    • Casual Violence
      Raymundo Rodriguez
      Chris Stanford
      Charles Green
      Jonah Considine

    Casual Violence, Raymundo Rodriguez, Chris Stanford, Cathal, Charles Green, Jonah Considine

    Jaded is London’s beloved techno afterhours party. Appearing at Corsica Studios every Sunday from 5am – 3pm. It’s much more than a place to go when Saturday night has finished, although the opening hours certainly give it some edge. Inside you’ll find a mixture of fanatical techno enthusiasts, artists, club workers, and lovers of the avant garde who are just as likely to wake up on Sunday morning and spend the day dancing as arriving there from the night before.

    The special guests are a mixture of established and future heroes playing alongside Jaded residents Raymundo Rodriguez, Chris Stanford and Stephanie Sykes. Room 2 focuses on label parties and champions the very best of London and the UK.

    The culture of Jaded is unique and infectious. Having been built over a decade, once experienced you’ll never truly check out.

    Please note: Tickets for Jaded are only sold through RA. Any tickets transferred through swapping sites will not be accepted, however, it’s ok for you to privately transfer to friends at the original purchase price as per RA guidelines.

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