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What's on Friday 1st February

  • Individual Collective 5th Birthday/END

    • Ancient Methods
      Adam X
      Ron Morelli
      Broken English Club
      Pye Corner Audio
      Faux Naif
      Billy Allen

    Individual Collective invite you to celebrate our 5th birthday, and the final event of our curation. After 5 great years, we’ve decided to end as we started, with a bang.

    We’re inviting some of our previous seminal guests, firstly the magnificent Ancient Methods(who coincidentally featured at our very first event, and many other IC events too) and similar regular, the excellent Oliver Ho aka Broken English Club. Plus we’re bringing a bunch of great artists that we’ve long tried to bring to IC, but somehow previously not been able to make possible until now such as Adam X, and Ron Morelli, with a few of our current favourite artists including the brilliant talents of Zanias, Pye Corner Audio and Faux Naïf. Residents Billy Allen and Keylen are in support as per, and hope to set the scene to a stunning night of electronic music.

    There is a long list of artists that we would have liked to bring back for this final foray, each that we have worked with over the 5 years have brought something special to Individual Collective in their own right(s). We’re certainly proud to say we gave something to London’s clubbing scene. But for now, we’re taking stock of a great run of events over the years, and thinking about what’s next for us, but rest assured this is merely the closure of this particular chapter.

    Thanks to all for being part of the journey, and let’s make this one a birthday, and final party to remember.

    We did it our way.

    Resident Advisor event