Corsica Studios

What's on Thursday 27th February

  • Baba Yaga’s Hut

    • Bodyvice

    Baba Yaga’s Hut Presents:
    Thursday 27th Feb – Corsica Studios
    Bodyvice + A’Bear
    Tickets – £10 / 7:30

    ‘In the show, Sharp, with painted face and dressed in a leotard decorated with anatomically correct muscles and fascia that leaves her looking like a flayed escapee from Gunter von Hagens’ Body Worlds exhibition, moves through a loose narra- tive that involves being wheeled through hospital corridors, subjected to probes and scans, and finally possessed by a sort of demonic spirit that is simultaneously expressing and purging the intense pain that is emanating from her back. She triggers nightmarish musical cues by running her fingers down a med- school model of a spine that’s been modified to become a MIDI instrument, howls into a distorted microphone, and she and Tara Pattenden perform ritualistic coordinated choreography that invokes the mechanistic spinning of an MRI scanner’s magnets and the unsettling corporeal invasion that frequently accompanies medical inspection. In the background, a film shows gracefully rotating three-dimensional renderings of various body parts between blasts of abstract shapes that throb in time with the beats.’
    BodyVice / Lone Taxidermist

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