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What's on Thursday 25th January

  • Baba Yaga’s Hut pres. UUUU

    • UUUU

    Baba Yaga’s Hut & Old Empire Present:

    January 25th – Corsica Studios

    UUUU + Hyrst

    Tickets £15

    “Debut London show for UUUU performing their new album on Editions Mego”

    UUUU is a new outfit featuring Edvard Graham Lewis, Thighpaulsandra, Matthew Simms and Valentina Magaletti.

    Individually these humans have implanted feathers in caps such as Coil, Dome, Wire, Tomaga, etc. Collectively they form UUUU, a powerhouse construction of fierce and free sonic exploration, as liberating as it is frightening, resulting in, the richly rewarding. The artists united present a project of exquisite curiosity and confident chaos where the individual thumbprints mesh into a gloriously muscular frenetic free sonic soup.

    Their first album, also named UUUU, is a schizophrenic seething/soothing masterpiece of a past/present hybrid equally at home in the club, the home, and the mind. Out on Editions Mego October 6th, 2017.

    Support comes from Hyrst

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