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What's on Sunday 6th May

  • Jaded

    • Manni Dee
      Raymundo Rodriguez
      Julez Wyl

    Manni Dee, Cressida, Raymundo Rodriguez, Off Topic with Julez Wyl & More

    Jaded’s Spring ’18 begins on Sunday 25th March. Every date reflects the hunger for new music and the life force that could only come from our dance floor. Whether you’ve just discovered the scene, or you’ve immersed yourself in techno culture for years, Jaded is the place where you’re more likely than ever to wake up fresh and arrive on your own, dance with zero inhibition, talk to new people, and preview the rawest new talent plus rare extended sets from techno royalty.

    Spring ’18 Acts to make you dance and lose control:

    Thomas P. Heckmann (OFFICIAL), Manni Dee & Cressida, Inigo Kennedy, Amotik & Reflec, Vincent Neumann, Tim Tama, Keepsakes, Escape To Mars, JKS & Mayeul, Casper Hastings, Anthro live, Küetzal, Curled, Leafeater, Hub, Sancta Sanctorum, Jasmine Azarian, Hypah, Mistico & the Sticky Groundcrew, Stephanie Sykes Chris Stanford, Julez Wyl, Raymundo Rodriguez, Cathal, Charles Green, TMG, Ells101, James Newmarch Warden, BLAP, Tom Evo, Krash, Two Speed, C/S Soundsystem, More soon!

    Tickets and dates on RA:

    Doors open 5am

    Last entry 2pm

    Closing time 3pm

    For more info, timetables and interviews visit

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