Corsica Studios

What's on Friday 1st June

  • Trouble Vision

    • Prosumer
      Pender Street Steppers
      Park Ranger
      OK Jones

    Room 1
    Park Ranger
    OK Jones

    Room 2
    Pender Street Steppers – open to close

    This installment of Trouble Vision is brought to you by the letter ‘P’. Prosumer, Peach and Pender Street Steppers descend on Corsica Studios for a big old P-P-P-Party to kick June off in classic style.

    Oscillating between the jack and bounce of Chicago, the industrial hustle of Detroit, and heady lights of New York, quiz master Prosumer heads up the bill. Deep rumbling house music, precisely picked to pack that patented Prosumer punch.

    Dropping anchor from their tropical steam-liner straight out of the Canadian Riviera, the Steppers join us once again for some all night action in the Room 2 thunderdome. Sliding in on a heady smoke plume of jazz funk, love-in disco and oddball house music, they won’t stop ‘til your satisfied.

    Hailing originally from Toronto, Peach has made herself at home on London’s electronic scene, graduating from snack time on internet radio to becoming a full-fledged veteran of the capital’s dancefloors. Her choice cuts ping between bruising electro, the best in vintage flavoured house and techno and new age grooves from the up and coming talent she aligns herself with. Not one to miss!

    So, pick up your feet, put on your dancing shoes and get down to Corsica for a proper party.

    Resident Advisor event