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    Betty b2b Teki Latex
    Suzi Analogue

    the Zøne
    Tony Cokes – Evil.16 (2009-2011)

    Suzi Analogue
    Suzi Analogue is a prolific Producer, Songwriter, Composer, Member Of DISCWOMAN Collective, The Recording Academy & Creator Of Never Normal Records based in Miami, FL. She is energetically pioneering the new wave of women producers in electronic music & beyond.

    Gaining worldwide recognition for her own diverse electronic productions, her music has found homes on Billboard charts, New York Fashion Week runways, Networks like Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Boiler Room and worldwide radio including BBC. Suzi’s work is shaping culture.

    Equally fascinated by grime/techno hybrids, the UK’s genealogy of sound system culture, and Drexciya’s take on electro, Betty uses every DJ set as a way to build connections between her influences, as demonstrated by her monthly radio show on Rinse France. As the official DJ for the Paris Chapter of the House of Mizrahi, Betty also plays music for vogue dancers during battles and balls. Having shared the stage with prestigious guests and gathered around her a demanding club music audience in Paris via her Bonus Stage parties, Betty has installed a trademark style which is currently grabbing the attention of venues worldwide: XOYO in London, The Art School in Glasgow, Outlook Festival, Boiler Room Beijing, About Blank in Berlin, Cakeshop in Seoul just to name a few.

    Teki Latex
    DJ, King of Blends, Rinse FM & Rinse France resident, BBC Radio 1 contributor, curator and host for Boiler Room France, co-founder of cult labels Sound Pellegrino & Institubes, former TTC member, creator of defunct DJ video broadcast “Overdrive Infinity”, Teki Latex does it all.

    It’s hard to predict how a Teki Latex DJ set is going to turn out. A profound respect for the slow burning grooves of Techno and House is palpable, but so is his fascination for the broken rhythms of IDM, Grime, the UK Garage and sound system genealogies as well as many incarnations of American club music. Every transition is a long blend, every song is re-contextualized, and the line between party and experiment is blurred. He excels in the art of constructing a mixtape and his multiple projects in this format (Notably the King Of Blends trilogy) as well as his radio shows are a testament to that.

    But it doesn’t mean Teki isn’t playing music for the people. Years of practicing the exercise of musical ping pong, in the form of back to back DJ sets with his long time partner and other Sound Pellegrino co-founder DJ Orgasmic, have made him a specialist at improvising and adapting, reading a crowd and reacting, playing along with the audience and surprising it with an unsuspected musical turn when the time is right.

    Tony Cokes
    Evil.16’ juxtaposed text with music to explicate and focus on disturbing stories in the U.S. press on the use of Western pop music in interrogations or “torture lite”. The piece explores whether the text could in fact frame and recontextualize the viewer’s experience of familiar musical recordings and genres. Can particular information about the contexts and effects of music we allegedly “know” produce a charged, destabilising reading of that familiar material? After reviewing a selection of publications on the subject, Cokes chose the text originally published in The Nation magazine specifically because it deftly combined journalistic, historical, and theoretical approaches to its subject. The piece experiments with whether the affective resonances of the musical clips might amplify the textual argumentation and simultaneously render familiar sounds strange.

    Tony Cokes makes video, installation, print, sound, and other works that reframe appropriated texts to reflect upon capitalism, subjectivity, knowledge, and pleasure. Cokes deploys sound as a crucial, intertextual element, complicating minimal visuals. He has shown works internationally at venues including Tate Modern, and CCA Goldsmiths, London; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Museum of Modern Art, and Whitney Museum, New York; ZKM, Karlsruhe; REDCAT, and Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Schinkel Pavillion, Berlin; ICA, Philadelphia; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; MMK Frankfurt; and La Cinémathèque Française. Cokes has screened works in festivals including the Berlin Biennale X; RuhrTriennale 2019, Essen; Rotterdam International Film Festival; Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid; and the Oberhausen Short Film Festival. He is a Professor in the Department of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University, Providence,RI. His work is represented by Greene Naftali, New York, Hannah Hoffman, Los Angeles, and Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York.

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