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  • Jaded

    • Rendered (Daniel Myer & Clément Perez)
      Raymundo Rodriguez
      Julez Wyl

    Rendered (Daniel Myer & Clément Perez), Warden, Raymundo Rodriguez, Off Topic with Julez Wyl & More

    Photo credit: Astaroth

    We are deeply thrilled to bring the UK debut of Rendered (aufnahme + wiedergabe, Fleisch) to Jaded.

    Rendered – New Brvtalism no. 087:

    It’s a summer of discovery, subversion and out of control dancing for Jaded at Corsica Studios with the most exciting series of debuts in our history…

    Catch Stranger, I Hate Models & Remco Beekwilder, YYYY & Reflec, Janice, Casper Hastings, Drafted & FLmm, Kaelan, Hans Bouffmyhre, jeånne, Rendered (Daniel Myer & Clément Perez), Prodigal Son and our own Raymundo Rodriguez, Chris Stanford, Stephanie Sykes, Emily Ono, Tim Gee, Julian Williams, James Dodd & Charles Green.

    ***More about Rendered***

    RENDERED is a new Techno EBM / Industrial project created by Daniel Myer and Clément Perez in 2016.

    The first EPs from the duo are signed on aufnahme + wiedergabe (DE), Fleisch (DE) and Body Theory(FR) and will be released throughout 2017.

    In 1993 Daniel Myer founded the legendary electro-industrial/EBM project Haujobb. Since then he has made a name for himself within the electronic music scene and initiated many other projects such as Architect, Dots&Dashes…

    Clément Perez started djing in 1994. After being active in Hardcore, Drum’n’bass and Industrial scenes for 20 years he returned to his techno roots as 14anger in 2013, where his productions and sets are equally full of passion and energy.

    Their first tracks have been played by Tommy Four Seven, Ancient Methods, Helena Hauff, Paula Temple, I Hate Models, Ontal, UVB, Silent Servant, SHDW, Anetha, December, Minimum Syndicat, Philipp Strobel.

    “It’d be tough to find a release which touches upon as many of the things we love…”

    -I Die: You Die

    “Fusing industrial/EBM/acid/techno and more, the styles of these two great producers couldn’t work better together and the coming months will see EP releases on some of our favourite labels…”

    -The Brvtalist

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