Corsica Studios

What's on Saturday 20th July

  • 22 Tapes

    • Hidden Spheres
      Liem b2b DJ Assam
      Gaviar/ Ryan Mullen
      DJ Lech
      JD Feva
      Emile b2b Rothwell
      Mr. Bacon

    Room 1:
    Hidden Spheres (Lobster Theremin/ Rhythm Section)
    Liem b2b DJ Assam (Lehult)

    Room 2:
    Gaviar/ Ryan Mullen (22 Tapes)
    DJ Lech (22 Tapes)
    Martini (22 Tapes)
    JD Feva
    Emile b2b Rothwell
    Mr. Bacon

    22 Tapes return to Corsica Studios for their summer instalment.

    Since his debut EP ‘The Bloos’ on Detroit label Moods & Grooves Records, Hidden Spheres’ career has flourished. Most well-known for his continually repressed EP ‘Waiting’, the debut release on Distant Hawaii, and his regular shows on NTS Radio, he’s been around the block a bit. His discography extends to releases on Lobster Theremin, Rhythm Section, Dirt Crew and more recently, Church.

    We are also joined by our good friends Liem & DJ Assam. Gaining notoriety worldwide after releasing ‘If Only’ in 2015, Liem shone a light in the direction of Lehult and his label mates in the process. DJ Assam then stepped up with his debut EP ‘Back Quality’ later that year. An array of Mixmag premieres followed, leading to an energetic Lab LDN b2b in 2017. They’re b2b again for a 3 hour set in the main room.

    Resident Advisor event