Corsica Studios

What's on Friday 29th June

  • Rhythm Section x Stamp The Wax

    • Dawit Eklund
      Luca Lozano
      Bradley Zero
      Z Lovecraft
      Raphael Top Secret
      Aaron L
      Rosie Ama

    Room 1: Dawit Eklund (USA), Bradley Zero, Z Lovecraft

    Room 2: Luca Lozano, Mallard

    Room 3: Flørist, Raphael Top Secret, Aaron L & Rosie Ama

    Exactly a year after our last collab, we couldn’t resist doing it all again.

    Rhythm Section meets Stamp The Wax across the 3 rooms of Corsica Studios and The Colombian.

    Corsica Studios: Rhythm Section

    Dawit Eklund, DJ Moxie, Luca Lozano, Bradley Zero, Mallard & Z Lovecraft.

    The Colombian: Stamp The Wax ★ 7th Birthday ★

    Flørist, Raphael Top-Secret, Aaron L & Rosie Ama

    Last one was a sell-out so don’t be silly and leave tickets til the last minute.

    Resident Advisor event

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