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What's on Saturday 7th March

  • NAFF 1st Birthday

    • B.Traits
      Claire Morgan
      DJ Bus Replacement Service
      Angel D'lite

    Claire Morgan
    DJ Bus Replacement Service
    Angel D’lite

    NAFF is back for our 1st birthday!!! To celebrate, we’re going full throttle with these five unforgiving and relentless DJs!

    The legendary Canadian BBC Radio 1 DJ, B.Traits headlines with a pounding fusion of ferocious techno, cracking breaks, nimbly blended with nods to the UK.

    Berlin’s techno warrior, Claire Morgan rolls through with a ruthless medley with stomping bass and breaks, forged with electrifying acid, trance, and classic rave.

    DJ Bus Replacement Service’s ability to keep you on your toes goes without saying. Expect an array of head-spinning techno melded with tongue in cheek soundbites of humour and UK hardcore and rave.

    Rising star, Alexis, known for her regular Nood’s radio residency jumps onto the decks with an explorative approach, weaving gloopy techno into ricocheting melodies and pads.

    And to tie things up, Angel D’lite is a breath of fresh air if you haven’t already heard, then you’re in for a treat. Blending melodic electro, UK hardcore, jungle, and bass.

    See you on the dancefloor!

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