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What's on Wednesday 23rd May

  • Elysia Crampton presents Red Clouds

    • Elysia Crampton
      Why Be

    Experimental musician Elysia Crampton blends myriad influences to tell the story of her movement in the world with Red Clouds, her new project presented in collaboration with Why Be.

    Seemingly disparate influences come together – metal, psychedelic & jazz fusion meld with various Andean styles such as kullawada,huayño, tarqueada, quirqui/tundique, khantus, & morenada. Underscored by radical and queer politics, Crampton’s experimental work gives sonorous form to contemporary expressions of Aymara resistance and survival: a project of “becoming-with,” in the shades given this term by Donna Haraway via prison abolitionist Che Gossett.

    Previous album Demon City, composed in honour of the revolutionary Bartolina Sisa and her yungueña grandmother, was deemed a “masterwork” by Rolling Stone and was one of Pitchfork’s 20 best experimental albums of 2016.

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