Corsica Studios

What's on Sunday 15th October

  • Jaded

    • Klankman
      Tomas Kunkel
      FLmm x Empyrean
      Küetzal x Curled
      Sancta Sanctorum
      Raymundo Rodriguez
      Julez Wyl & More

    Klankman, Tomas Kunkel, FLmm, Empyrean, Küetzal, Curled, Sancta Sanctorum, Raymundo Rodriguez, Off Topic with Julez Wyl & More

    it’s with waves of love and sheer excitement that we welcome almost the entire Sticky Ground crew on Sunday 15th October with sets from Tomas Kunkel, Klankman, FLmm, Empyrean, Küetzal, Curled and Sancta Sanctorum. Off Topic will take over room 2, so there will be all kinds of techno to keep our axes aloft until 3pm.

    Resident Advisor event