Corsica Studios

What's on Sunday 14th October

  • Jaded

    • Xhin
      Chris Stanford
      Raymundo Rodriguez
      Rene Wise

    Xhin, Chris Stanford, Raymundo Rodriguez, Rene Wise, Theodicy, Szeir, Kerker

    Jaded’s Autumn 2018 mission is to bring the most explosively talented acts from the UK and Europe together to form one unholy Sunday riot. We want the techno children of London to be torn between rooms, sweat, and be challenged. To leave Corsica Studios utterly broken but inspired, armed with at least one new discovery every Sunday…

    Room 1 sees a powerful succession of debuts and duels from the most talented heavyweights & rising stars of our scene. Bringing together acts that have never appeared on the same bill, but that we’ve been dying to hear together for the first time. As always, they’ll be deftly supported by our 4 main residents – Raymundo Rodriguez, Chris Stanford, Stephanie Sykes & Julez Wyl.

    Room 2 sees a series of invasions by respected guest curators and collectives. Our mission is to open Jaded up, expanding a long-held reputation as an accelerator and champion of UK talent.

    Some of our guest crews are just starting out, and the raw energy will be palpable. Boundaries should be broken, and a supportive atmosphere of anarchy and artistry is envisioned.

    Resident Advisor event