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What's on Friday 18th October

  • Parallel Lines presents Laura Misch

    • Laura Misch

    Laura Misch plays at Corsica Studios on October 18th 2019.

    Laura Misch has teamed up with filmmaker Greg Barnes to create a film trilogy accompanying three tracks of her latest released mini album ‘Lonely City’. The first part is a live performance of the song ‘Glass Shards’, which plays with Laura’s fantasy of wanting to climb London’s glistening tall buildings. During the production of the mini album Laura was sampling sounds across the city and she became deeply fascinated with subjects like noise pollution, mechanical sounds, reverb caves and those audible works are reflected in the film trilogy: Laura’s sound worlds are in three levels: rooftops, underground and street level. For all three tracks in the film series, we follow Laura and see her perform on a different level. The recordings audible in the videos are new arrangements of the previously released tracks ‘Glass Shards’, ‘Night Drive’ and ‘Blue Dot’.

    Watch “Lonely City Part 1: Glass Shards” here:

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