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What's on Wednesday 19th September

  • Goldenvoice present Cuco

    • Cuco
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    His Spotify bio is him popping off about Papa Johns, Zane Lowe loves him, and he makes cuts packed with sound-merges from cellphone buzzing to seriously syrupy synth lines. He is the latest top boy when it comes to bedroom pop.

    Just before he drops his Chiquito EP, Cuco has shared sizzling single, Lucy, produced with hit mate and pioneering peer, J-Kwe$t. The California-bred musician continuously delivers psychedelic songs about love and angst, wrapped up and offered as sunny, shimmering songs.

    He’s 19, he’s killing it and his live show is set up to be incredible. Don’t miss this.

    Presented by Goldenvoice.

    Due to high demand, Cuco has added an additional London date after selling out Camden Assembly. Cuco will play Corsica Studios on September 19th.

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