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What's on Friday 28th September

  • Rhythm Section

    • Mystic Jungle (live)
      Frankie Valentine
      Z Lovecraft

    Mystic Jungle (live), Frankie Valentine, LUV*JAM, LNS, Z Lovecraft, MLE

    For our next installment, we have 2 tried and tested Rhythm Section veterans, the Italian disco-boogie wizard Mystic Jungle performing live and Canada’s finest electro export LNS.


    Mystic Jungle (Live)

    Mystic Jungle is the solo project of Dario di Pace, which could be best described as 80’s proto-house and boogie flipped for a modern audience. Residing in Napoli where he runs key Italian label Early Sounds Recordings, Dario has worked tirelessly in the studio having recorded over 4 acclaimed albums in the last 3 years (at least 3 with his band Mystic Jungle Tribe) with a signature sound utilising vintage digital equipment and cassette tape machines. Mystic Jungle brings his studio to Corsica Studios to make his debut UK live performance – we cannot wait!

    Frankie Valentine

    Not just one of the best producers of the last decade, Frankie Valentine’s experience as a DJ is absolutely top tier. Having DJ’d across the world since the late 70’s, playing everything from techno, house, hardcore, disco and more we welcome him back for a four hour set for his 4th Rhythm Section appearance to provide the proof in the pudding that the old really know how to do it better. If his last set at Corsica was anything to go by, expect disco you never knew existed, unforgettable soulful house and more gems from epic collection.

    Room one hosted by RS trailblazers MLE & Z Lovecraft



    LNS couldn’t quite make it last time we invited her to play at Rhythm Section with the coldest march in 5 years bringing a freeze to flights and trains across Europe. Now she returns to London with more releases on Wania and her own imprint in her bag. LNS aka Laura Sparrow is a Berlin residing Canadian who specialises in proper late-night into early-morning selection covering the leftfield side of IDM, electro and techno with exquisite precision. LNS broke through with not just one but now three vinyl only Trushmixes making her the perfect guest to close Room 2.


    An old RS favourite, perhaps best known for his excellent label Blind Jacks Journey which has soundtracked many an epic dance floor moment alongside a few of his own appearances on mega house label We Play House and Phonica White series. BUT most importantly, LUV*JAM is one of the best vinyl DJs in the country, whose *special* NYE appearance broke a tear to many and reminded us the power of club music. Don’t miss!

    Graphic design by @hugoinglis and @jason_vaz

    Illustration by @sai_alon and @unga_bfc!


    2 Rooms, 4 decks, a rotary mixer, 1 red neon light and a few more crates of vinyl than usual. Dub FX x2.

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