Corsica Studios

What's on Saturday 28th September

  • More Claps x Unbound

    • Breaka
      Jossy Mitsu

    Breaka, Jossy Mitsu, Happa, Molinaro, o.utlier

    A chance meeting at Freerotation 2018 introduced More Claps to Unbound and a collaboration was quickly mooted. With More Claps fresh off the back of their 5th birthday and Unbound having trailblazed through 2018/19 with a series of events at The Cause – the latest being their much-hyped August Day and Night party featuring Batu, Peverelist, Shyboi, Hodge and Yak – the stage has been set for something big.  We’re now delighted to be able to invite some of our favourite cutting edge artists and DJ’s to come and join our roster of residents at the mighty Corsica Studios.

    In Room 1, Happa will be heading things up and delivering his inimitable blend of bass, techno and everything in-between.  Joining proceedings is Molinaro who has been cooking things up on APRON boss Funikneven’s label and parties; he’s built up an enviable taste that dips between genres and styles with the type of smoothness that needs to be experienced rather than described.  o.utlier has been a friend of the family for some years, his steady production output and sets that invert norms and blur the lines between styles have garnered him an increasing recognition.  Expect across the board gems from residents Jeff Venture, Analogue, Pat Quiche and some heads down electro from Dekapod.

    Room 2, following his hit ‘Rory’s Theme’ which featured in Call Super’s BUDx Seoul Boiler room set last year, Breaka has since come on to become an established DJ in his own right; bridging bass, 4/4, 140 and 160 – expect something special.  Jossy Mitsu is known for her ability to shell down any club, whether it’s rinsing out a twisted concoction of Sweaty House, Techno and Leftfield club heater, firing heavy-weight rave and jungle sets or serenading you with her 2-step vinyl collection.  Part of the formidable 6 Figure Gang and a regular on Rinse FM, Jossy also recently laid down a FABRICLIVE mix.  Expect everything from Afrobeat, bass, electro and future garage from residents Delsa, DJ Winggold, Aidan Ray, Dr Blowfin and DJ Paramedic.

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