Corsica Studios

What's on Saturday 30th November

  • Find Me In The Dark

    • Anetha
      Sync 24

    PTU (live)
    Sync 24

    Find Me In The Dark hit the big 6 with a storming lineup of talent from across the globe.

    Anetha’s driving, pulsating acid techno will be enshrining the main room. Her thundering sets and fearless productions have taken her on a rampant touring schedule across the globe and it’s a huge pleasure to have her debut at FMITD.

    The mysterious, warts-driven IDM/techno/electro/hardware wizardry of PTU will be debuting in London in the core of the night. The sound of twisted bleeps, time-stretched oscillators and a phono cable into the bowels of an ebbing harddrive. Prepare for a spectrum of rhythmic electronics and curdled sonics.

    Local electro legend and Cultivated Electronics head Sync 24 will be heading up the second room. His brash, lucid hardware discography worn hard on his sleeve and having been a Corsica regular we’ll be expecting a seasoned, but no less hammering set from one of the most respected heads in electronic music.

    Recent Lobster Theremin releasee – softcoresoft – will be making her Corsica debut in Room 2. Her sound is a clustered locale of sonic fragments emitting in the orbit of techno, sampled aura from the edge of the Crab Nebula, the collapse of a supermassive black hole, and the ripples of time-space. In other words: a hefty fresh wedge of techno, electro and acid darkness!

    T-N rounds out the lineup with an extended set of heavy, dark club sounds. A Lobster Theremin member, friend of Corsica and curator of the heavier side of the sound spectrum. We’re expecting a journey into the depths of 4/4 techno, a 90’s industrial printing factory, hissing, chugging and hammering the pistons. Get ready for darkness!

    Resident Advisor event