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Zaltan talks Antinote

Zaltan, founder of Parisian label Antinote, talks about the labels history and more.

Antinote exploded onto Paris’s electronic music scene in 2012 with the release of Gwen Jamois AKA Iueke’s Tape 1. Since then the label has put out tonnes of quality music and released such a diverse range of sounds and genres, that it could be said the main consistency across the catalogue is quality and artistic integrity. We chatted to Antinote’s founder Zaltan about the label’s history ahead of his set at Tief on Saturday.







Antinote is one of the most consistent and forward thinking labels in France right now. Please can you tell us the background of the label?

Thank you!! Ok so basically Antinote started as a project between three friends: Iueke, Nico Motte and myself, Zaltan. We were spending a lot of time at a bar in Paris, Le Baron Rouge, all the while digging for records and partying. While all this was going on I had the feeling that I wanted to bring something else to the table. Iueke, my mentor, had some unreleased stuff on cassette, and after many bottles of Muscadet he finally agreed to release some stuff. It was all new to me, and I had no experience, no plan, or an idea how things would turn out. After this first record, I got a bunch of friends to send me some tracks, friends who I knew were making music in their bedroom, and went ahead with some releases with the intention of showing a new side of underground music in Paris… 

Nico Motte – Rheologia

What were your musical influences growing up?

My parents have been a big influence on my music taste, as they used to work at a radio station and host regular parties at home. In terms of artists and musicians, main influences were Iueke of course, as well as Cosmo Vitelli, Gilb’r and I:cube, who supported me a lot… When I was growing up I was mainly into italo-acid-house-leftfield-disco-wave bla-bla-bla as I still am now.

Cosmo Vitelli – Ne mangez plus les animaux, mangez les enfants

How did you become interested in collecting records and DJing?

I’ve always been interested in collecting records. It becomes quite addictive, and since I was a kid I’ve felt like I just one or two new ‘hits’ a day, so you have to dig and buy records to feed you hunger I guess… But I’ve always been musical, and used to play the guitar a lot, until one day I realised there wasn’t any guitar on any of the records I was listening to.

Iueke – Tape 1

Gwen Jamois’ Tape series under his Iueke moniker are absolutely amazing. Can you tell us the story behind these?

Yeah, he’s my uncle and my mentor. He recorded a bunch of cassettes in the early 90´s in south London. Tape 1 was recorded in 1991 I think, all on analogue gear, and that’s what we put out :-) It’s still sounding fresh isn’t it? 

Are there any labels or parties that have had a particular influence on you, both as a DJ and as a label manager?

A lot of course! Crammed is great, also Trax, and the avant-guard & post-rock label Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L’Acier, Irdial Discs, too many to mention actually!

M.B. Jones – Pusan Perimeter

Do you have any cool plans for the next year that you can talk about?

YEAH new Domenique Dumont on Antinote next month and a new label called DRAMA!! loads of new stuff on both labels stay tuned :-))

Zaltan plays at Tief on Saturday 8 September. You can find tickets here.