Corsica Studios

Fri 07.06.24 2200—0500

Back of Da Class

Singularity UK, Sublock and Skipping Rope Recs join forces to this thrilling and unusual North-South connection: Bassline in room 1 and Dubstep in room 2 at none other than Corsica Studios.

Flirta D over Bassline? Let's have ittt! This lineup is jam packed: wicked DJs armed to their teeth with dubs & underground heaters + some illustrious MCs to keep you party people moving all night!

Room 1 will be showcasing Bassline’s finest from across the UK. Packed with legends from the golden era, long side the future leaders of the scene, Skippin’ Rope & Singularity are marking the occasion proper.

Both Flirta D and the selecta’s will be armed with goofy sound effects galore and a bag of energy. This one’s for the ravers that like their music loud, serious and silly.

Sublock will be bringing you low frequency artillery for the great wall of subs in room 2 Corsica! We'll go uptown, downtown, all around town with old school Grime and Dubstep on wax, taking you back to the pirate airwaves.

Special shout-out to Spooky Bizzle doing a vinyl only set, chop suey left right and centre!!!

  • Room 1
    • Flirta D
    • Harpriya
    • The Bass Injector
    • Fallow
    • Tin Foil Grill
    • Jenny Sparks
    • Nastee Boi
    • Alpengeist
  • Room 2
    • Spooky Bizzle
    • Cueist
    • Sevic
    • Josie DC
    • Nio-B
    • MIDRIB
    • Lapa
    • P.A.B MC
    • Bang GK
    • Limmz

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