Corsica Studios

Sun 10.03.24 0600—1400

Snooze After Hours

Striking that iron while is still hot and glowing, we’re beyond excited to invite you to our second ball of the year. This time around we’ve invited our dearest friend from Speaksilence Barcelona to turn up the heat on the dance floor in a first ever UK debut, and a local delight that is quickly rising above the noise with groove-flooded deep and intricate sets, last but not least our very own - very finest usual suspects from the family.

As our sole purpose to re-establish a solid techno after party through the means of the very best talents on the map persists, the cherry on this beauty could only be placed by an artist who has very firmly taped himself to countless memories of anyone who’s ever stepped into a techno mash-pit.

Snooze is a project that aims to discard the usual mundane club dynamics.

  • Lineup
    • Sleeparchive [Live]
    • Lowsystem
    • Kessie
    • Manlio b2b Slumber

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